Third Party Software Applications

Independent Software Vendors and organizations have developed many software applications for Parallax video such as video conferencing, video server, and digital video format conversion.

Software Applications and Freeware This is a current list of commercial off-the-shelf software, licensed software, and freeware that supports Parallax video.

Articles about Customer Solutions and Digital Video

Since video is the fastest way to share visual information, computer users are creating new ways to use digital video to solve business and communication problems, using computers and networks.

Introduction An introduction to computer-based video
Articles about Computer-Based Video
Defense & Military Video for Defense Applications
Image-Guided Surgery Image-Guided Surgery Helps Surgeons Operate Precisely
Telemedicine: NeuroSurgery Video-Assisted Telemedicine and Robotics for Neurosurgery
Telemedicine: Teaching Digital Video Expands Classrooms
Kiosks: Wal-Mart and OfficeMax Digital Video for In-Store Retail Kiosks
Science: Atmosphere Video for Atmospheric and Environmental Science
Science: Geology Mobil Oil: Using Video Images to Search for Oil
Video Database Aerospatiale's Knowledge Base
Financial Trading Chase Manhattan Bank Installs New Video Network
Security Badges: APEC New Security Badge System for APEC International Summit and Subic Bay Airport
Animation Animation and Video for Business

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