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Apunix Computer Services has created security badge systems for several clients with a need for high security including Sun Microsystems, the International Airport at Subic Bay, Philippines, the APEC Summit Meeting, Maricopa County government offices in Arizona, and for the Phoenix Suns Sports Arena. The application at Subic Bay/APEC is described below. To see an article about the Sun Microsystems security badge application, click here.

For Airport and for Asia-Pacific Economic Council (APEC) Summit

Digital video images are incorporated in security badges for Subic Bay International Airport and the APEC Summit.

Apunix Computer Services' badge systems played a key role in security for the Asia Pacific Economic Council (APEC) summit and the new Subic Bay International Airport in the Philippines. Hundreds of visiting VIPs and heads of state--including President Clinton--were in Subic Bay for the conference, so security was of great importance. The Apunix BadgeMaker security badge system helped the Subic Bay International Airport meet a crucial security rating on a short deadline, just in time for the APEC summit-- and continues to aid the airport in security and daily operations. BadgeMaker badges also identified employees working at the APEC summit, helping the summit run smoothly without any major security glitches.

Philippine President Fidel Ramos Gives "Thumbs Up" to Apunix BadgeMaker.

Apunix BadgeMaker uses multitasking Sun workstations and Parallax XVideo cards to quickly produce secure, photo ID badges and a photo ID database. The BadgeMaker system at Subic Bay can produce 1200 security badges per day. Security personnel can immediately store and access photos and other data about badge holders in an Oracle database. Data is stored on a secure server and is available over LAN and WAN networks. Apunix BadgeMaker is implemented at other sites including Sun Microsystems offices throughout the USA, and Maricopa County government offices in Arizona.

To see an article about the Sun Microsystems security badge application, click here

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