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Parallax Graphics Shutdown Notification

Parallax Graphics, Inc. closed our Sales, Engineering, Technical Support and Manufacturing operations effective November 30, 1998.

Parallax Graphics will perform warranty and non-warranty board repairs until December 31, 1999. In order to return a board for repair, please contact 408-629-0517 for an RMA number and return instructions.

This web site includes all of Parallax Graphics' software (source, Software Essentials and VDE) and User Documentation. Parallax Graphics hereby authorizes users to download our software for use with previously purchased Parallax Graphics video boards. The documentation covers Hardware and Software Installation, Release Notes, Multimedia User Guide and Video Development Environment manual. Parallax Graphics hereby authorizes the reproduction and, if applicable, distribution of any and all user documentation included here to support previously purchased Parallax Graphics video boards.


Year 2000 statement

      Parallax Graphics, Inc. warrants that all of the hardware
      and software products sold by Parallax do not use dates in
      any way in their respective processes and shall be able to
      accurately perform all functions in both twentieth and
      twenty-first centuries, when used in accordance with Parallax
      Graphics provided documentation.  Nothing in this warranty
      shall be construed as applicable to other than Year 2000

Alternative video sources
The following video equipment suppliers may prove useful to previous Parallax Graphics customers:

RGB Spectrum


Z Microsystems

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