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Parallax Graphics video cards and software support very high quality live video display and image capture. Most Parallax cards also offer hardware compression/decompression for real-time video capture and playback, video storage, and networked video.

  • Full-motion video: 60 fields=30 frames/second NTSC, 50 fields=25 frames/second PAL or SECAM
  • Full-resolution video: 640 x 480 pixel NTSC, 768 x 576 pixel PAL or SECAM, zooms to fill screen (double width/height) with XVideo Xtra or XVideo700
  • True color video: 24-bit RGB video
  • High-resolution 4:2:2 M-JPEG: cards with motion-JPEG hardware compression support real-time video capture and playback, and networked video
  • On-board video digitization: video digitization and live display is handled entirely by the Parallax card and connected directly to the display, so it does not impact Bus traffic or CPU load

Parallax Graphics Video Cards
Video Card Platform Operating System
XVideo Xtra Sun SPARCstations and
UltraSPARCs (SBus and PCI Bus)
Solaris 2.5 or 2.5.1
XVideo Family Sun SPARCstations (SBus) Solaris 1.x or 2.x
XVideo700 Family HP workstations (EISA Bus) HP-UX 9.03 or higher
Product Comparison Chart A comparison of Parallax Graphics video cards

Parallax Graphics Video Software (for Parallax video cards)
Video Software Platform Description
Software Essentials (VideoTool & MovieTool)* Solaris, HP-UX Supports live video display and still image capture, and for Parallax video cards with hardware compression/decompression, real-time capture and playback of digital video movies
Video Development Environment+ Solaris, HP-UX Includes API, libraries, widgets, sample source code, and programs for developing your own Parallax video applications
Customer Engineering Solaris, HP-UX Customized software development to meet your specific needs
Third Party Software Solaris, HP-UX Off-the-shelf utility and application software ranging from movie format conversion to video conferencing

* The Software Essentials (VideoTool, MovieTool, and video card server and driver software) are included with every Parallax Graphics video card.

+ The Video Development Environment is included with XVideo, XVideo Xtra, and XVideo700 cards. Video Development Environment is optional for other Parallax video cards.

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