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Sample applications, freeware, and customer packages

Parallax Graphics is providing links to the following programs. We do not provide warranties for any of these software packages. Use at your own risk. If you know of any other interesting packages, please let us know.

Many other applications are compatible with Parallax-captured digtal video movies and still images. Many database applications, multimedia applications, and imaging applications can use Parallax 4:2:2 M-JPEG movie files and JPEG or Sun Raster stills.

Also, since Parallax video digitization and compression/decompression are handled entirely by the Parallax card and live video display is connected directly to the display, Parallax video does not impact Bus traffic or CPU load. This means you can really use your other applications while using Parallax video.

Video and Image Format Conversion
Digital Video Format Conversion Parallax Motion-JPEG movies to other formats:
JMovie to MPEG-1 (freeware)
JMovie to MPEG-2 (freeware)
JMovie to QuickTime: Transcode (commercial product)
JMovie to AVI: Transcode (commercial product)
JMovie (4:2:2 M-JPEG) to 4:1:1 M-JPEG: Transcode (commercial product)
Still Image Format Conversion Parallax JPEG and Sun Raster stills to other formats:
JPEG to various: ImageMagick (freeware)
Networked Video
Video Conferencing and Collaboration Communique! (commercial product)
ISABEL (license)
ivs (freeware)
MASH (freeware)
MMC (commercial product)
nv (freeware) (source and binary)
Simplicity (commercial product)
vic (freeware) (source and binary)
xbind (freeware)
XMovie (license)
Video Distribution Continuous Media Toolkit (freeware)
GTS server (commercial product)
INTV! (commercial product)
StreamRunner ATM Video Products (commercial product)
tcomp (freeware)
Uniflix (commercial product)
Video Editing CMEdit - The Continuous Media Editor (freeware)
Video Sample Applications Sample applications from Parallax

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