Introduction to Digital Video

Desktop video delivers critical information quickly for people whose decisions save time, money, even lives. Video does more than describe a situation--video helps us visualize, understand and participate. Medical, corporate, and government groups benefit tremendously from the use of video on workstations. It increases and enhances their interaction and the efficient analysis of information.

Video is strategic to business today. Managers use videoconferencing and TV-in-a-window to make better decisions, faster. In health care, video provides critical information for precise diagnosis and treatment and expands the reach of medical experts to remote areas.

Engineers use video to review designs and compare test results without leaving their desks. They animate models and renderings and store them to videotape or video databases for distribution.

Video enhances learning and improves safety on the job. In manufacturing and process control, it improves quality control and defect detection.

By adding video to the other tools on the desktop, companies are helping their valuable, highly-leveraged people become more productive and effective.

Expect High Fidelity Video

Today's society was raised with television. TV has established minimum standards for video quality that are especially important in corporate applications. Corporate users rely on video information in making decisions that affect profits, safety and efficiency. They require high fidelity video :

The Industry Standard

Since 1982, these customers have turned to Parallax GraphicsTM for high-fidelity video. To serve them, we've developed a suite of video products that set the industry's standards:

"Allegheny Health is a leader in the application of communication and computer technology to education and healthcare challenges. Our installations transmit delicate medical information, and Parallax's exceptional image quality and performance facilitate patient diagnosis and student education in virtual classrooms."
--Wesley Hutchison, Vice President, Information Systems, AHERF

The XVideo® Family for Demanding Applications

XVideo is a family of products including XVideo, XVideo XtraTM, PowerVideoTM and MultiVideoTM, delivered in different configurations for different applications. Our high performance hardware uses our unique VideoStreamTM architecture to efficiently process video across multiple platforms including Sun and Hewlett-Packard workstations. We also provide essential software tools for manipulating video and developing custom solutions. And leading independent software vendors offer complementary off-the-shelf software for Parallax video.

XVideo Provides Flexibility

Power-users prefer XVideo for custom development, multimedia authoring, engineering, medical imaging, and presentations. Special features support content creation and high-resolution capture to tape. XVideo offers the maximum flexibility and feature set available with VideoStream, so it supports the complete range of video applications.

Real-Time 4:2:2 Motion-JPEG Compression

To efficiently store video data, or send it over a data network, digital video must be compressed. XVideo includes fast hardware compression and decompression for digital video according to the JPEG standard. Parallax uses 4:2:2 JPEG, which offers much higher image quality than 4:1:1 JPEG. Parallax's fast Motion-JPEG (M-JPEG) compression enables real-time networked distribution of video, video conferencing, video capture, and playback.

On-Board Processing for Fast Performance

Unlike many other video cards, Parallax XVideo cards do video processing "on-board." This leaves your computer's CPU free to quickly process other data without immense slowdowns due to large quantities of video data. And this leaves your Bus free to quickly carry other data. At Parallax, we believe you purchased a high performance computer to get high performance.

Two Simultaneous Video Inputs and Analog Output

XVideo and XVideo Xtra let you view up to two live, full resolution video inputs simultaneously, for medical observation, inspection and testing, surveillance, and monitoring TV news. XVideo's analog video output allows you to send digital video from your workstation to a VCR, monitor or video projector for storage or presentations.

Cross-Platform Software Development Tools

For software developers and system integrators, we offer a comprehensive set of software tools and extensive technical support for building your own customized applications. Using this stable, cross-platform API, developers can readily support changing user requirements.

Software Essentials

Parallax's VideoTool and MovieTool applications provide easy control of analog and digital video. Simple graphical menus support live video placement and resizes, video color settings, image capture, digital movie capture and playback, and storage.


Not all users require the extensive feature set of XVideo or XVideo Xtra. With a single high-fidelity video display window and JPEG hardware compression and decompression, PowerVideo offers the ideal feature set for real-time distributed video, desktop video conferencing and full-motion capture and playback.


MultiVideo provides high fidelity video display for TV-in-a-window and still image capture and enhancement without compression.

The XVideo family has the performance to suit your environment, and the quality to meet your demanding expectations. Refer to our data sheets for more details.

"Distributed video, in conferencing, training, and on-line TV services, is central to growth in the telecommunications industry. Parallax Graphics quality and application support have defined the standard for video in our market."
--John McMenamin, Associate Director, Nynex

Parallax Graphics has been the leader in workstation video since 1982. Look to us for unparalleled performance:

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