Company Overview

Parallax Graphics, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of high performance networked video engines for corporate and government markets. All of our video cards use our unique VideoStream technology to display and capture high quality digital video images for performance-intensive applications like remote presence, desktop video conferencing, and real-time video capture and playback. Applications range from telemedicine and image-guided surgery to surveillance using unmanned vehicles.

VideoStream Products

VideoStream products--such as XVideo--display, compress, and decompress full-motion, 24-bit true-color, full-resolution video in real time. VideoStream is highly portable, and is currently available on SBus (Sun workstations), EISA Bus (HP 9000 workstations), and PCI Bus (Sun workstations) with cross-platform interoperability.

Company History

Founded in 1982, Parallax Graphics has led a revolution in digital video technology. In 1984 we introduced the first ever motion video board, followed by the first video-in-a-window board in 1986. In 1991 we introduced the first product to use motion JPEG (M-JPEG) compression for video capture. In the past few years we have been developing our award-winning VideoStream technology to support networked video applications and cross-platform applications.

Parallax is part of the Dynatech Corporation a privately-held communications equipment company.


Parallax Graphics serves customers in a wide variety of markets including communications, healthcare, defense, finance, manufacturing, engineering, and security. Clients include AT&T, BMW, France Telecom, General Motors, Mayo Foundation, MIT, SONY, Sybase, TRW, VTI, Westinghouse, and Xerox.

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