Parallax Graphics Software Essentials

Included with Every Parallax Video Card

Our Software Essentials--software drivers and applications including VideoToolTM and MovieToolTM--are included with every Parallax video card. The drivers support video display and capture. Our software applications help you quickly start controlling and capturing video.

VideoTool for Video Control and Still Capture

VideoTool provides complete control of analog and digital video. VideoTool's simple graphical menus support live video placement and resizes. A slider panel controls video color hue, contrast, saturation and brightness. Still images can be captured and saved in a variety of formats.

MovieTool for Video Capture and Playback

MovieTool uses the hardware JPEG compression and decompression available in most Parallax video cards to record and play back digital JPEG movie clips in real-time. Audio is automatically digitized and stored with video clips. You can add MovieTool movies into e-mail, text, spreadsheet and hypertext documents.

NOTE: If you are interested in building your own customized digital video application, you will want to look at our Video Development Environment software. The Video Development Environment is included with every XVideo, XVideo Xtra, and XVideo700 card, and can be purchased separately by PowerVideo and MultiVideo users.

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