Customer Engineering by Parallax Graphics

Sometimes one size does not fit all. At Parallax Graphics we design our products to offer customers maximum flexibility, and this flexibility is now extended through Parallax Customer Engineering.

From time to time, user requests are unique and require custom work in hardware or software to provide a specialized solution. Parallax Graphics recently developed a process for handling these requests through "Customer Engineering."

The Customer Engineering process is built around mutually agreed upon specifications, so the requirements are clearly defined. Once a specification is complete, Parallax quotes a price and a delivery date. If the price and schedule meet the customer's needs, then the customer proceeds with a purchase order. The result is a customized hardware and/or software product with unique features. If you're looking at extending the capabilities of the Parallax product line in a project you have upcoming, contact your sales representative or Parallax-authorized international distributor for more information regarding Customer Engineering.

The Customer Engineering Process

  1. The customer contacts Parallax Graphics.
  2. The customer writes a specification for the product they want, and works with Parallax to clarify the specification until both parties understand it and reach agreement.
  3. Parallax responds with a detailed proposal for completing the work and delivering the required capabilities. The proposal includes a price for the work and a delivery date.
  4. The customer responds with a purchase order and approval to proceed.
  5. Parallax does the custom work and delivers it to the customer.
  6. The customer reviews the work for compliance to the specification and signs off the work as complete.

Case Study

Recently a large European customer requested the ability to run four Parallax video cards simultaneously in the same workstation chassis. This unique application is designed to provide multiple windows of video running on the same desktop.

The European customer delivered a full specification for the application requirements. Within two days Parallax responded with a detailed proposal for completing the work and delivering the required capabilities. Significant driver work needed to be done, and the result was very custom software which pleased the company and met their requirements. The Parallax Video Development Environment offered the customer the flexibility to get up and running with the custom software quickly.

For more information, contact Parallax Graphics.

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