The VideoStreamTM Difference

Our VideoStream architecture optimizes workstation performance while displaying, compressing and decompressing full-motion, full-resolution, True color video. Video digitization and live video display is handled entirely by the Parallax card and connected directly to the display, so it does not impact Bus traffic or CPU load. High-resolution 4:2:2 motion-JPEG hardware compression supports the full range of video capabilities--real-time video capture and playback, and networked video--without sacrificing workstation performance.

Full Motion Video for Realism

Video at less than full motion is jumpy and distracting, so VideoStream supports full motion video, even at full video size. NTSC video displays 60 fields (30 frames) per second, while PAL and SECAM display 50 fields (25 frames) per second.

Full Color for Accuracy

With 16.8 million colors, VideoStream has 24-bit true-color that provides the finest video color available. Unlike 8- or 16-bit color, 24-bit color precisely reproduces the full range of photorealistic color. Applications such as telemedicine and image capture/analysis require this level of accuracy.

Full Resolution for Fine Detail

With VideoStream video comes into the workstation at full size and resolution, so that no detailed information is lost between source and workstation. NTSC video displays at 640 x 480 pixels, while PAL and SECAM display at 768 x 576 pixels. In addition to the standard full size display, video can be enlarged by hardware zoom 2x (twice the width and height, four times the area) for full-screen viewing with XVideo Xtra and XVideo700 overlay cards, or can be shrunk down to any smaller size.

VideoStream is implemented in all Parallax Graphics video cards, including XVideo, XVideo Xtra, XVideo700, PowerVideo, and PowerVideo700.

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