Frequently Asked Questions for Solaris 2.5 (OW3.5 release)

For XVideo, PowerVideo, and MultiVideo Cards

I can't find your Installation Guide!

We have released the software in the "pkgadd" format. Please follow the installation guide in the front of the CD jewel case.

When I type 'openwin' to start the server, I get a 'watchdog reset'

Please review the installation guide for instructions on using the "star t_ow3" script provided in the $PARALLAX_HOME/bin directory.

Do I need to do anything special to install the board?

You must use the "boot -r" command from the "ok" prompt in order to force a proper configuration of the system drivers.

How do I default to the Parallax frame buffer when using a SPARC20 with SX frame buffer?

Click here for the instructions.

I have configured my system to run in dual-headed mode. How do I move from one screen to the next?

Use the mouse to move the cursor off the right side of one screen. It will appear on the left side of the other screen.

My customer's application uses hardware acceleration to speed the graphics capabilities. Can they use this with the Parallax digital video frame buffers?

The Parallax frame buffers do not support the acceleration calls performed by the applications. Those applications must be able to run (more slowly) without those calls. Please contact the application provider for details. If acceleration is required, dual-headed mode is an option.

I just replaced my XVideo with a Powervideo and ran "boot -r" to reconfigure the drivers. But start_ow3 will not run correctly.

If the one-slot Powervideo is not in the left-most slot of the machine, its driver will be configured as /dev/fbs/tvtwo2; The start_ow3 must be modified to reflect this.

How do I use the contents of the diag directory?

nvram4m (for "m" architecture machines) and nvram4c (for "c&qu ot; architecture machines) can be used to query the nvram on the boards. You must be superuser. use the "uname -r" command to determine the architecture.

run "nvram4(c,m) load print" to display the results

run "nvram4(c,m) load default" to reset the nvram to defaults

The "load default" command must be performed on a lower-speed system (such as a Sparc-2 class) in order to work properly

How do I know the nvram needs refreshing?

Pink vertical lines on the display

"init: don't know what rev. GAs in use" message at boot time

nvram4(c,m) returns incredible values

I would like to run another Window Manager (such as Motif WM).

Modify the start_ow3 startup script to specify the window manager:

openwin -wm [window manager] -dev $FRAMEBUFFER ...

for Motif: openwin -wm mwm -dev $FRAMEBUFFER ...

The Netscape Navigator Browser 2.0 crashes when I try to run Java.

If you have started the server in pseudocolor (8-bit) mode, this will happen unless you also start Netscape in psuedocolor:

netscape -pseudocolor

I'm not getting any MovieTool audio.

If you have another application that is using the audio device, such as Netscape, you will not be able to start MovieTool. They both use the audio device and only one application will be able to open the audio device.

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