tcomp Distributed Video

One VERY simple (demo) video distribution application is called "tcomp", and is distributed with the Parallax video boards. tcomp can send JPEG-compressed video between workstations in one or two directions in real time.

It is invoked as such:
$PARALLAX_HOME/bin/tcomp -qnn host:display

i.e. /opt/parallax/bin/tcomp -q50 asystem.parallax.com:0

The remote system must also have a Parallax video board to decode the incoming JPEG video stream. The application starts with a CIF-sized (320x240) window, but you may resize the origin window by dragging the corner of the window out to the maximum 640x480. The binary version has no rate control, so be aware of this if you are sending over a shared LAN or router segment, as you will be using bandwidth.

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