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Conversion to AVI, QuickTime, and 4:1:1 MJPEG Movies

The MAEstro Software Movie Conversion Tools are utilities that convert movies from the Parallax MovieTool JPEG movie file format to Apple's QuickTime or Microsoft's AVI movie formats. QuickTime and AVI are de facto movie standards and are widely used for distributing movie content on the World Wide Web. The Movie Conversion Tools allow owners of Parallax products to make high-quality movies and distribute them to a large installed base of Macintosh and PC clients.

Parallax's JPEG encoding technology uses a high-quality version of the JPEG standard called "4:2:2 YUV-encoded JPEG." However, even though 4:2:2 is perfectly JPEG-compliant, not all hardware and software JPEG decoders can deal with 4:2:2 JPEG images, but can only handle the lower-quality 4:1:1 JPEG, making interoperability a problem. To solve this problem, the MAEstro Software Movie Conversion Tools also include a feature that converts 4:2:2 JPEG movies into 4:1:1 JPEG movies, making movies accessible to a wider variety of movie players on all platforms.

The Movie Conversion Tools also includes an Image Conversion tool that converts Parallax-captured 4:2:2 JPEG still images into 4:1:1 JPEG stills.

For more information, contact MAEstro Software at:
Web: www.mae.com/MovieConverter/index.html
E-mail: info@mae.com

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