General Technical Tips

Updated April 8, 1997

What file format does Parallax support?

For still images we produce four formats: JFIF (4:2:2), Parallax JPEG, 24-bit Sun Raster, and TIFF. The latter two are uncompressed. For motion video with synchronized workstation audio, we use the JPEG movie file format. This file format is publicly available, please look at the Parallax JPEG Movie File Spec or contact technical support for a copy.

Why can't I record NTSC video at 30 frames per second?

Because of X Windows and UNIX overhead problems, the maximum frame capture rate for the general purpose XVideo Toolkit software is about 20 fps. On faster machines such as the Ultra and SS20, we have captured full size NTSC video at 30 frames per second. It is possible to capture 320x240 video at 30 fps on most machines.

My audio is not in sync with the video after I record it, what's wrong?

Audio can get out of synchronization if you try to capture at a rate that is too fast for the computer to handle. Try reducing the frame rate you are using for capture.

I can't display TIFF and Sun Rasters in VideoTool or any of your tools. How do I look at the ones I've made?

There are two public domain image packages which will display and convert a variety of image types. One is Image Magick, at http://www.wizards.dupont.com/cristy/ImageMagick.html. The other is "xv", at ftp://ftp.cis.upenn.edu/pub/xv or http://www.trilon.com/xv .

What is the difference between SE and VDE?

SE means Software Essentials, and it includes our driver, server, binaries and necessary library files. VDE means Video Development Environment, and includes all the software included in SE, and adds more library files, Imakefiles, Makefiles, source code and include files. VDE is intended for developers who want to take advantage of our API and create video applications. VDE comes free with all XVideo products.

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