Frequently Asked Questions for Solaris 2.5 (XVC-Xtra release)

For XVideo Xtra Cards

I can't find your Installation Guide!

We have released the software in the "pkgadd" format. Please follow the installation guide located in the front of the CD jewel case.

How do I start OpenWindows?

XVC-Xtra is an overlay card, and we use the standard Sun server now. You would just type "openwin" to start OpenWindows.

Do I need to do anything special to install the board?

You must use the "boot -r" command from the "ok" prompt in order to force a proper configuration of the system drivers.

In a dual-headed environment, how do I specify which graphic card to use with the Xtra?

The /etc/xvconfig file determines which display the Xtra card will use. For the first display, the file should be :0.0 PGItv2 /dev/plxv0 and for the second display :0.1 PGItv2 /dev/plxv0

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