Frequently Asked Questions for IBM AIX 4.1.3

For XVideo, PowerVideo, and MultiVideo Cards for IBM AIX

Parallax Version 1.0

Do I need any other software to run on IBM Power Series Computers?

Besides the Parallax software, you must have the Ultimedia Services from IBM installed on your workstation.

Where is the Parallax software installed?

The PARALLAX_HOME path is /usr/lpp/parallax

What IBM workstations are supported?

The 40P, 43P, and Power Series 850 are supported. These all have PCI-bus slots to allow the Parallax overlay card to be inserted into the system

What format is the Parallax software distributed in?

The Version 1.0 of CD-[SE,VDE]-AIX is in CD format.

What utilities are used to install the Parallax software?

Either the command line "installp" or the SMIT program may be used.

MovieTool complains that Audio is not available!

Reconfirm you have the /usr/bin/run_ums entry in your .cshrc or .profile (See the Software Installation Guide for details). Also, run some of the sample programs in /usr/lpp/UMS/Samples (*.wav) files to confirm that the Ultimedia audio device is working properly.

Can I use more than one Parallax board in the system?

Version 1.0 only supports one board per system.

Does Parallax work in a 7284 43P?

Yes, that is the only 43P that the Parallax card works in. It is a IBM RS6000 model 7248/43P, with a 166mhz processor.

What framebuffers does Parallax support?

E-15, S-15, GXT 150P, GXT 110P, GXT 250P, GXT 255P We think GXT1000 is only available on new machines which Parallax does not support.

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