Frequently Asked Questions for HP-UX 9.x, 10.10, 10.20

For XVideo700, PowerVideo700, and MultiVideo700 Cards

Parallax Releases 9.2, 9.3 and 10.10

Can I use your boards on my HP 720 system?

The EISA adapter on your HP 720 must have been manufactured subsequent to April, 1994 for the Parallax boards to perform correctly. Contact Parallax Tech Support for the latest information.

Can I use multiple boards in my HP 9000/700 series system?

Up to 3 boards can be run within the HP system. Two non-compression boards can be run within the HP system. You must modify the /etc/xvconfig file to reflect the following:

:0.0 PGItv2 /dev/plxv0

:0.0 PGItv2 /dev/plxv2

My VideoTool won't read in TIFF or SUN Raster files.

That is correct. Please use the "convert" function to convert the file to JFIF before attempting to display using the VideoTool application.

Can I send video to my SUN workstation which has your card?

The newest implementations of Communique, Uniflix, NV, and VIC should allow for video distribution.

I have an HP 745i Industrial Workstation. Can Parallax run on it?

Yes, there are certain items you should know: You must have a "Rev.C" board to work with a 745i. You must also make a special note on the order if you wish to use the medium-resolution (1024x768) monitor.

When I try to run Calibrate on my HP 745i workstation, the grid continuously scrolls vertically.

The 745i ships with the monitor output dip switches set for medium resolution. These switches are set as such: open-closed-closed-open. You must change the dip switches to the high-resolution (1280x1024) setting: open-closed-open-open.

After I removed the Parallax board and software from my system, VUE will not start up.

Please refer to the release notes. You must move the /usr/lib/X11/extensions/libxv.sl and /usr/lib/X11/extensions/libhprop.sl from their saved copies to their original names.

How can I completely remove Parallax from my HP-UX system? [9.X]

(1) Make copies of the files /usr/lib/X11/extensions/libxv.sl and /usr/lib/X11/extensions/libhprop.sl

(2) Run "rmfn" and remove the Parallax filesets

(3) Perform the command "rm -r /opt/parallax"

(4) Run "eisa_config" Use the command "remove #" where # is the slot number where the Parallax video board is inserted. Use the command "save" to save the new configuration Use the command "quit" to leave eisa_config.

(5) Copy the /etc/master.preParallax file to /etc/master, and /etc/newconfig/master.preParallax to /etc/newconfig/master.

(6) Copy the saved copies of the libxv.sl and libhprop.sl back to their original file names.

(7) Perform the command "rm -r /dev/plx*"

(8) Run "SAM" Select Kernel Configuration/Drivers/Actions/Create a New Kernel

(9) Remove the Parallax Video hardware after system shutdown.

I only see one (green) grid when I run Calibrate.

Apparently, the cabling has not been correctly connected. Ensure that the P1 cable is connected to the video out of the workstation, the P2 is connected to the Parallax card, and the P3 is connected to the monitor cable. Please refer to the Hardware Installation Guide.

I cannot get a successful build after installing Parallax 9.3 software on my system, which has an earlier Parallax release, along with another brand of EISA board.

Please completely remove the Parallax software (following the instructions provided above), then attempt a reinstall after the reboot of the system.

How do I troubleshoot my installation?

In the /opt/parallax/diag directory, there is the program "why_no_xv".

Its output will be similar to:

Machine configuration is:

sysname = HP-UX nodename = xxxx release = A.09.05 version = A machine = 9000/7nn idnumber = nnnnnnnnnn

This is what is seen when everything is installed correctly. Otherwise, valuable information is provided about what may be in error.

How can I determine the serial number of my board?

This must be done manually by looking at the board.

What patches should I install for best results?

If using MPower, install PHKL_6869 s700 9.0[357] SCSI, NFS, VM, HIL,

graphics kernel megapatch PHSS_6213 s700_800 9.x MPower 2.02 cumulative patch

If not using MPower, install PHKL_6869 s700 9.0[357] SCSI, NFS, VM, HIL, graphics kernel megapatch PHSS_4341 s700 9.x corrections for base system ('non-MPowered') audio

How do I convert Parallax jmovies to MPEG?

You will need HP MPower 2.0 or higher, and our 9.05 release or higher.
1. Capture and save a Parallax jmovie using MovieTool.
2. Select Video_Convert on the MPower menu. Video_Convert uses a software conversion routine that takes considerable time for conversion - the time it takes depends on window size, file size and other parameters chosen.
3. You can play these back with Video_Play or another mpeg player.

Does Parallax support HP-UX10.20?

We are planning a test cycle for our 10.10 software on UX 10.20; so far it appears the software works correctly. We will be issuing new release notes to enumerate the problems we find.

Does Parallax have shared memory uncompressed calls, e.g. XPlxGetImage()?


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