Frequently Asked Questions for Solaris 1.x (Sun OS 4.1.x)

For XVideo, PowerVideo, and MultiVideo Cards

Why does the Parallax 3.0.7 server crash when using Netscape or other Motif applications?

You need an updated server. Contact Parallax Graphics (see below) to obtain the server.

Why do I get the message "plx_xpoint_switch: Invalid channel: -1" in the console window when playing/recording live video?

You probably have too many windows open (too many applications running). Under a heavy load, the Parallax server may crash. Limit the number of other applications running when recording/playing live video.

How do I launch the the server in 24-bit color mode?

On the command line, enter:
openwin -dev /dev/tvtwo0 defdepth24

After upgrading to SunOS 4.1.4, why does my system crash?

You need to start openwindows as follows:
openwin >& /dev/null

How can I turn off the Parallax logo on the video window?

Append the following to your Xdefaults file:

How can I determine the serial number of my Parallax cards?

From the command line, change the directory to:
cd $PARALLAX_HOME/components/tv2_driver_sun4c1.20/test
Then, run ".xv_pconfig", which will show you the configuration.

How do you alter the Parallax board NVRAM (non-volatile RAM)?

For instructions, click here.

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