Bug List for XVideo Xtra

Solaris 2.5 and 2.5.1, Parallax Version 1.1

NOTE: See the Release Notes first. The Release Notes contain confirmed bugs, and in some cases bug fixes or work-arounds. This Bug List may contain additional unconfirmed bugs and requests for product enhancement, as well as bugs that have been fixed since Beta releases etc.

Bug Number Description Status
SUNO2597001 Full size movies play back with hesitation at frame rates > 24 fps and 32 megs of memory
SUNO2597002 GOV is only monochrome, customer needs color FIXED
SUNO2597003 two applications run simultaneously conflict and one freezes - possible xvport error
SUNO2597004 SVHS doesn't work correctly with Zoom
SUNO2597005 Server crashes if try to record end of VCR tape
SUNO2597006 Calibrate is hard coded to /opt/parallax
SUNO2597007 Feature request: shared memory on uncompresses calls e.g. XPlxGetImage()
SUNO2597008 Clear old video data from Xtra video memory so that it's black
SUNO2597009 Keep a list of valid xids and video windows, noting what each video window is doing
SUNO2597010 Feature request: ability to specify which field to capture
SUNO2597011 If you select VideoTool, Output, Crop - output is not the same as on the monitor
SUNO2597012 Feature request: Grab 24-bit or 8-bit image, not 32 from Xtra
SUNO2597013 Add 1280x1024@66Hz calibrate file to list of default files
SUNO2597014 Remove xvouttest source from release tree
SUNO2597015 Feature request: Xtra does not have frame-accurate capture (RTMT)
SUNO2597016 Video freezes with SX framebuffer when video window is covered
SUNO2597017 Xtra card should work with Parallax framebuffer product
SUNO2597018 Feature request: Three Xtra cards should work in one chassis
SUNO2597019 Can't use output in between recording and playing back a movie
SUNO2597020 XPlxGetImage() does not correctly set up internal structures if it's the first Parallax call made
SUNO2597021 In zoom mode, MovieTool and VideoTool incorrectly identifies a composite source as Y/C
SUNO2597022 With Creator 3D and OW in 8-bit mode, placing a 24-bit window over a video window will cause the video to freeze.
SUNO2597023 XPlxVideoValueLoad, Save, Query and Recall should be removed from overlay API or rewritten so they don't refer to nvram - machine crashes with these calls.
SUNO2597024 XPlxGetImage() does not allow you to get a non (0,0) subimage
SUNO2597025 Feature request: java support
SUNO2597026 Feature request: pause button while recording in MovieTool
SUNO2597027 Feature request: YUV capture 8/97

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