Bug List for XVideo, PowerVideo, and MultiVideo

Solaris 2.5, Parallax Version 2.5

NOTE: See the Release Notes first. The Release Notes contain confirmed bugs, and in some cases bug fixes or work-arounds. This Bug List may contain additional unconfirmed bugs and requests for product enhancement, as well as bugs that have been fixed since Beta releases etc.

Bug Number Description Status
SOL2597001 OW34 movies play back incorrectly on OW35
SOL2597002 MV leaves msgs on screen that can't be erased
SOL2597003 Feature request: pause button in MovieTool
SOL2597004 Server crash when trying to record end of VCR tape
SOL2597005 Feature request: allow Xtra board to operate with FB boards
SOL2597006 PVC and XVC lose compression when placed with MV in same m/c
SOL2597007 Cursor is monochrome, wants colors
SOL2597008 When running in 8-bit mode, mouse leaves droppings
SOL2597009 Cursor turns white when exiting applications - intermittent
SOL2597010 In Solaris 2.5.1, 8-bit visuals don't appear correct on 24-bit server
SOL2597011 With 2 compression boards, color of live video is incorrect on second board
SOL2597012 Feature request: ability to select which field to begin compressing
SOL2597013 Feature request: Java support
SOL2597014 Must compile with Sparcworks compiler
SOL2597015 postremove script does not properly remove rtvramdisk or start_ow3 and it should do a "rm -rf /opt/parallax"
SOL2597016 When drawing graphics on video (GOV), some X graphics functions do not draw and/or erase properly. Ask Tom B. or Paul L. for details, or read the comments at the top of source code at: http://www.parallax.com/tech_support/sample_code/TomsGOV.c

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