Bug List for XVideo, PowerVideo, and MultiVideo

Solaris 2.4, Parallax Version 2.4

NOTE: See the Release Notes first. The Release Notes contain confirmed bugs, and in some cases bug fixes or work-arounds. This Bug List may contain additional unconfirmed bugs and requests for product enhancement, as well as bugs that have been fixed since Beta releases etc.

Bug Number Description PRI
SOL24095001 Black on black when exiting Open Windows 3.4 H
SOL24095002 XVideo RGB and Solaris 2.4 stop ship H
SOL24095003 Performance of Text Scrolling H
SOL24095004 Widget does not release shared memory segments H
SOL24095005 Widget does not check for 7th shared memory segment creation H
SOL24095006 XOR Graphic Context problem H
SOL24095007 Partial screen blacking after Xor and screen refresh H
SOL24095008 Highlighting text cause it to blacken/disappear H
SOL24095009 Stippling doesn't work H
SOL24095010 Weitek SPARC powerup chip doesn't work with Parallax card L
SOL24095011 Direct Color doesn't work M
SOL24095012 Multiheaded with Parallax and other FBs - no Compression H
SOL24095013 Multiheaded with Parallax and other FBs - with Compression H
SOL24095014 Crashing with SS5, 20s, and 10s H
SOL24095015 Support for 640 x 480 H
SOL24095016 Start Openwin without -dev causes system to hang and crash H
SOL24095017 Xlib_test leaves the digitizer on as do other programs H
SOL24095018 Huffman tables not initialized correctly - standard zigzag H
SOL24095019 XcopyPlane doesn't work M
SOL24095020 XsetPlaneMask doesn't work H
SOL24095021 Parallax cards w/o compression fail when moving from Sol 1.X to 2.4 H
SOL24095022 SPARC 5 - MovieTool shared memory problem H
SOL24095023 Document error - How to change from SX FB to Parallax FB H
SOL24095024 Live video window freezes during movie playback M
SOL24095025 XView alerts create technicolor blotches when appear on top of video windows M
SOL24095026 VideoTool doesn't support RGB output H
SOL24095027 Using non-compression boards and selecting compression hangs system H
SOL24095028 X butes of garbage at the end of every jpeg frame H
SOL24095029 Cannot change the color of the cursor H
SOL24095030 Using Netscape causes the system to crash H
SOL24095031 XPlxPutShmCImage passing non zero destination doesn't center image L
SOL24095032 Deleted H
SOL24095033 Deleted C
SOL24095034 VideoTool doesn't allways resize video window properly H
SOL24095035 Starting VideoTool after MovieTool cause incorrect recording Behavior H
SOL24095036 Graphics over Video doesn't work H
SOL24095037 Mouse droppings on 8 bit server H
SOL24095038 Support for WABI M
SOL24095039 MovieTool doesn't play back Uniflix movie files H
SOL24095040 Any window button not yet implemented H
SOL24095041 JPEG timing test and JPEG Playback test don't use jmovie format L
SOL24095042 The NVRAM reprogramming programs don't work, we need them H
SOL24095043 JPEG widget JFIF output file to same file twice doesn't work M
SOL24095044 GetTrueColorVisual doesn't work M
SOL24095045 Capture Video with Frame Integrity H
SOL24095046 C++ compiler support H
SOL24095047 XPlxCImage structure has an error with pointer M
SOL24095048 Shorten delay for C3 do timeout error M
SOL24095049 Backing store refreshes don't repaint properly when video is unmapped H
SOL24095050 GXxor with text doesn't work H
SOL24095051 When 2 live video windows are open, occ a portion of one appears in the other H
SOL24095052 XPlxScaleCopyArea doesn't work L
SOL24095053 Dragging a window with content slower than 4.x H
SOL24095054 Cannot recv compressed images with uniflix, must compres 1st. H
SOL24095055 Doc error: Our docs says "add PARALLAX_HOME/lib to LD_LIB_PATH: SE doesn't have lib M
SOL24095056 Users want online man pages M
SOL24095057 In MovieTool when use -autoPlay and -autoRepeat, don't want menu window, just want the movie M
SOL24095058 VideoTool output, select window not enabled H
SOL24095059 Screenblanker - wants to activate/deactivate display RAMDAC with C code fragment, in bug report H
SOL24095060 Obscuring a video window w/another window causes video to flicker H
SOL24095061 Black video window when using psuedocolor visual and 24-bit server H
SOL24095062 Offset wrong on playback of compressed movie. 1/2 pixel line on top of video H
SOL24095063 Multithreading not supported. M
SOL24095064 Shared memory slower than non-shared H
SOL24095065 MovieTool does not save Version 3 movies H
SOL24095066 Xor problems with 24-bit drawings on 8-bit server H
SOL24095067 Insensitive Motif buttons are not grayed out H
SOL24095068 Software is untested on SS20/100, SS20/125, and SS5/110 H
SOL24095069 Imakefiles reference libXv.a, not needed H
SOL24095070 MovieTool slider error when trying to load one frame movie H
SOL24095071 Server side of XPlxPutCImage() ignores "scale" argument H
SOL24095072 Rename "xv" sample pgm to "xview_test" H
SOL24095073 Horizontal slider bar on xview pgms does not appear correctly H

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