Bug List for XVideo700, PowerVideo700, and MultiVideo700

HP-UX 9.03, 9.05, 9.07, Parallax Version 9.2

NOTE: See the Release Notes first. The Release Notes contain confirmed bugs, and in some cases bug fixes or work-arounds. This Bug List may contain additional unconfirmed bugs and requests for product enhancement, as well as bugs that have been fixed since Beta releases etc.

Bug Number Description PRI
HPUX092095001 720 notsupported - doesn't boot H
HPUX092095002 MovieTool - bad sync between video and audio H
HPUX092095003 Lack of frame integrity H
HPUX092095004 XPlxSetVideoParameter String doesn't work, VideoTool effects M
HPUX092095005 Stippling doesn't work H
HPUX092095006 No Graphics over video H
HPUX092095007 Shared memory extension not supported H
HPUX092095008 XPlxVideoLive doesn't work correctly - always plays in Upper Left corner H
HPUX092095009 No multi-headed support with compression H
HPUX092095010 Remove filesets removes libhprop.sl and libxv.sl, it should not H
HPUX092095011 Remove filesets doesn't remove everything H
HPUX092095012 Can't playback jmovies created on the sun (audio incorrect) H
HPUX092095013 Tcomp doesn't work between HP and Sun H
HPUX092095014 VideoTool can't open TIFF or Sun raster files H
HPUX092095015 VideoTool defaults to NTSC if other video input types are connected H
HPUX092095016 To save a JFIF file ImageMagick can display, size must be divisible by 8 H
HPUX092095017 Installation, configuration problems with Provision, Fore, Interphase, etc H
HPUX092095018 Fixed
HPUX092095019 Need more Calibrate settings, example 74x machines - incl med res H
HPUX092095020 Not tested with multi-processor J200 machines H
HPUX092095021 Multithreading not supported H
HPUX092095022 QTables - translation software not available H
HPUX092095023 MakeQTables() takes unsigned char **; XPlxPutTable() uses a char * H
HPUX092095024 If #bytes per comp frame < 512, garbage inserted into frame H
HPUX092095025 An NTSC signal is reported as 60 non-interlaced frames in XPlxSignalQuery H
HPUX092095026 Docu - Setting Saturation to 0 does not result in a B/W image as advertised H
HPUX092095027 In dual board systems VideoTool sometimes gets confused - stills some of the windows H
HPUX092095028 Docu - zoom should be used with only one window H
HPUX092095029 Switching from PAL to NTSC causes incorrect behavior in VideoTool H
HPUX092095030 "info" element in XPlxCImage structure is incorrectly defined H
HPUX092095031 Video flashes as "effects" are returned to default value H
HPUX092095032 Can we change timing on do-timeout error so it returns faster? M
HPUX092095033 If you turn audio monitor button off in MovieTool, should remain off H
HPUX092095034 Can MovieTool's title bar state what video source is currently being used M
HPUX092095035 Fixed - chmod plxv2 corrected
HPUX092095036 Installation should more intelligently assign major number H
HPUX092095037 Upgrade path not documented correctly - need more instructions H
HPUX092095038 Somewhat fixed - installation of jumbo kernel patch crashes machine H
HPUX092095039 We need instructions on how to do update on diskless clients H
HPUX092095040 XPlxPutCImage does not check width parameter for multiple of 16 H
HPUX092095041 Rename "xv" to "xview_test" H

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