Parallax Announces New Digital Video Card for Sun/Solaris PCI Bus Users

New XVideo(R) Xtra(TM) for PCI Bus Offers Parallax's High-Quality Video

Santa Clara, CA, November 10, 1997 -- Parallax Graphics today announced expansion of the XVideo® XtraTM product line to include a new PCI Bus digital video card with compression to support Sun's new PCI Bus workstations. XVideo Xtra for PCI Bus will join XVideo Xtra for SBus in providing high performance networked digital video for communications, so customers can choose the Sun workstation and Parallax video card that best fit their needs.

"Sun's movement to support PCI Bus in their workstations supports industry standards and interoperability, while giving customers a range of choices in Sun's powerful new workstations and servers," says Jerry Bugajski, Director of Sales at Parallax Graphics. "Parallax is pleased to announce high-quality video support for Sun's newest workstations."

Full Compatibility; No Porting

Users of XVideo Xtra for PCI Bus and XVideo Xtra for SBus and software developers will find their applications fully compatible without any porting or recompiling. The difference will be invisible from the user standpoint.

Platforms, Price, and Availability

XVideo Xtra will be compatible with Sun's PCI Bus workstations such as the Ultra 30, with Creator and Creator 3D Series 2 graphics cards, and Sun standard displays at resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels.

XVideo Xtra will be available for $7995 including video card, cables, software drivers, VideoTool and MovieTool software applications, and Video Development Environment API. XVideo Xtra for PCI can be ordered today for shipments starting in December, 1997.

About XVideo Xtra

XVideo Xtra video cards are used where the quality of video data is key to making critical decisions, and where video data is sent over a network: medical imaging and telemedicine, manufacturing inspection and robotics, military command, control, and intelligence, and scientific research. Applications include remote presence, high-quality video conferencing, and video servers.

XVideo Xtra for PCI Bus displays laserdisc-quality live video with full 24-bit truecolor, full resolution (640 x 480 pixel NTSC), and full motion (60 fields/second NTSC). PAL and SECAM are also supported at full quality.

XVideo Xtra provides fast hardware compression for real-time networked video, video capture, and playback. The compression is 4:2:2 motion JPEG (M-JPEG), known for its high image quality, the ability to view each frame individually, and for its low latency which is ideal for interactive real-time networked video.

XVideo Xtra also provides hardware-enabled zoom so that users can zoom video to full-screen to see details. Users can view up to two simultaneous live video inputs from composite or S-VHS analog video sources. And users can output digital video to VCR tape or other analog devices.

About Parallax

Parallax Graphics, Inc. is a leader in high-quality networked video communications, where video data is key to critical decisions. Parallax designs and manufactures digital video cards and software for applications such as remote presence, high-quality video conferencing, and video capture and playback in the medical, manufacturing, military, and science markets. Worldwide sales are directed from Parallax's headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Parallax was founded in 1982, and is now part of Dynatech Corporation (NYSE: DYT), a leading supplier of communications products and services which facilitate delivery of information around the globe.

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