XVideo-Xtra Family To Be Discontinued

End of Life for XVideo Xtra for Sun Sbus and PCIbus

Effective July 31, 1998

Announced June 15, 1998

Please accept this letter as official notification that Parallax Graphics will discontinue the manufacture and sale of our XVideo Xtra TM products, XVC-XTRA and XVC-XTRA-P. Parallax Graphics has received notification of obsolescence from vendors of several of the components on the product. Because there are no equivalent or substitute parts available, Parallax Graphics can only manufacture a limited number of these boards.

All end-of-life orders must be received by July 31, 1998 and must include the following terms:

1. Orders must be non-cancelable.
2. Orders must be non-rescheduleable.
3. Orders must be deliverable on or before October 31, 1998
4. All orders must be accompanied by a $1000/per board deposit.
(i.e. payment terms are $1,000 per board 10 days ARO, balance Net 30 days after shipment)

Please note that the quantity of the end-of-life build is limited due to component availability. Orders will be accepted and product allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Orders accepted must fill the requirements listed above.

Thank you for your investment in Parallax Graphics products. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (408) 727-2220 ext. 4420


Holly Reed
Program Manager

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