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Video Conferencing with H.320 Interoperability

Connect High-Quality LAN Videoconferencing to H.320 WAN Videoconferencing

Paradise Software, Inc., has developed a new product that connects high-quality LAN-based video conferencing to H.320-standard WAN-based video conferencing. The product, called the Simplicity H.320 Gateway, gives users the best of both worlds: high quality JPEG-compressed video and audio between UNIX workstations on a corporate LAN, and connectivity to standards-based low-bandwidth H.320 video conferencing outside the LAN.

Simplicity H.320 Gateway works with Simplicity LAN, which provides high-quality LAN video conferencing over IP networks. Simplicity LAN uses Parallax Graphics motion JPEG compression to achieve high video quality. When users requested the ability to interoperate with standards-based H.320 video conferencing, Paradise Software developed Simplicity H.320 Gateway. Now a corporate conference can expand to include remote offices, home offices, or other companies without spending a fortune to extend a LAN.

Simplicity H.320 Gateway includes both hardware and software. It uses an inexpensive ISDN connection to interoperate with H.320 compliant video conferencing systems, including PC-based systems and room-based systems. Simplicity H.320 Gateway and Simplicity LAN are available for Sun Solaris and HP-UX workstations with Parallax XVideo, XVideo Xtra, and XVideo700 product families.

For more information, contact Paradise Software at:
Web: http://www.paradise.com
E-mail: support@paradise.com

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